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About Precursor Human Capital Development, Inc.

Precursor Human Capital Development, Inc (PHCD) is a registered 501 (3) charity located in New York State.

The organization’s mission is to facilitate job training, education empowerment, and the advancement of the economic as well as the  social welfare of youths and families throughout Long Island New York, New York City, and the global community. Precursor Human Capital Development, Inc (PHCD) provides innovative solutions for job training and career counseling for both men and women. PHCD  tutors and mentors children and  youths of all ages. PHCD is committed to the development of the human capital, inclusive of people of all ages, races, cultures, and backgrounds.


PHCD’s mandate is to provide mentoring, tutoring, career counseling, and to facilitate workshops on career developments for the advancement of underserved residents throughout Nassau, and Suffolk counties, New York City, and the wider community through our web and on-line resources.


PHCD has a highly qualified staff that has been providing a wide range of educational and social services programs to Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York City as well as youths and their families in the Caribbean and Africa.  PHCD staff is made up of esteemed professionals with over 30 years of corporate experiences in the areas of teaching, mentoring, education management, project management, business counseling, and career counseling. Some of the organization’s staff are expert in the areas of Academic Research, Business Research, Financial Accounting, Business Management, Taxation, and Entrepreneurial Management.


Some of PHCD’s programs directly focused on eight (8) of the 16 areas the Nassau County Office of Youth Services (OYS) and all of New York City. The programs provided includes:


  • Academic Support Services
  • Advocacy Services
  • Community/School Partnerships
  • Life Skills
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Recreational Time Activities
  • Youth Career Development and Employment
  • Youth Leadership Programs 


Every program builds confidence, independence, social skills and offers opportunities for team building. Also, providing financial literacy, professional and personal development, cultural enrichment, and exposure to activities as well as experiences outside the limits of their home and school environments.

Planned Activities

Precursor Human Capital Development, Inc (PHCD) provides mentoring, tutoring, career counseling, workshops on career development as well as information about tutoring and career opportunities services to needy residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties (Long Island), New York City and the wider community through our web and on-line resources

Precursor HCD, Inc is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization that allows the organization to give letters to donators for tax deductible purposes and encourage more donors to assist the needy.

One hundred percent of Precursor Human Capital Development, Inc. time is dedicated to assisting the needy.

PHCD’s activities are funded by public donations and contributions from charitable organizations .

Core services include weekly mentoring, tutoring and career counseling in New York State, specifically, Long Island, and New York City.